About Us

Fundamental Building Bricks

The homebuilding process consists of many steps – both large and small – but all equally important. And SCH works with you brick by brick, ensuring your homebuilding experience is smooth and enjoyable.

At SCH, homebuilding begins with the details of what makes a home YOUR home. We start with a smart plan designed with your distinctive wants, wishes and detail – this plan can be designed by SCH or provided by you – and bring it to life with an abundance of beautiful architectural details and amenities.

Like an artist, SCH splashes your canvas with architectural color like handset tile, elegant crown molding, gourmet kitchens, dome-shaped entryways, and custom built-ins and niches. Using the serene Hill Country landscape as a muse, SCH incorporates the scenery, maximizing the natural light and vast views to enhance your living experience.

This extra attention to detail ensures your home will not only allow you to enjoy the Texas Hill Country at its fullest, but experience the luxury of hill country couture through your unique perspective.

SCH – Our Story and Philosophy

Founded in San Antonio, Select Custom Homes began with a single philosophy – building homes that bring to life your vision, while offering even more than what you expected. More architectural details, more amenities, more usable and smart space – details we would want for our own living space – elevating hill country living into hill country couture.

A locally-owned and operated family business, SCH believes our responsibility extends beyond just building a home. It’s about enhancing your living experience.

And while we firmly believe home is where your heart should be, it’s just as important to feel that extension toward the community that surrounds you.

Because of this strong belief, our staff takes great lengths in ensuring the community you want to build in is the right place for you – from neighbors to schools to grocery stores to community initiatives.

This, combined with our philosophy of integrating a wealth of architectural diversity to your home ensures your living experience is rich in a variety of aspects.

Home is where your heart should be – we make it your reality for a lifetime.